Face it. Vehicle Theft Happens…
Every 25 Seconds.

  • And Classic, Custom or Collectible cars are even MORE at risk
  • Protect and RECOVER your prized possession
  • Do it right with the "Guardian Tracker" GPS Tracking System
Get Outstanding Reliability, Instant Notifications with Quick and Accurate Vehicle Location. Get Nationwide Coverage and Easy Self-installation.

Get a vehicle tracking and recovery system that offers...

  • FREE device with pre-paid service plan
  • NO activation fees
  • NO annoying monthly fees
  • A possible discount on your auto insurance
  • The LOWEST price GPS tracking unit on the market today!
    • LoJack® - $1000 and only has coverage in major US cities
    • Competing GPS vehicle tracking devices start at $299 + $9.99/month fees...That's over $700 for three years of service!
    • With our 3 year pre-paid plan and FREE tracking device, your total cost is LESS THAN $270!

The Ultimate Vehicle Theft Protection

System Features

  • Track Vehicle Anytime - from Anywhere via the Internet
  • 98% North American Coverage
  • Street & Satellite Map Viewing Including Address
  • May Qualify for Lower Insurance Rate (check with your carrier)
  • 10 Multi Point "Keep In" or "KeepOut" zones with Email & SMS Alerts
  • 100 Free Tracking Credits
  • Easy 2 Wire Installation with Instructions
  • 3 Years Wireless Communication Service
Protect your vehicle against theft. Take back control. And get peace of mind. Don't wait until your vehicle is stolen. Get the protection you need today!